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shamble 1 for cellist: James Whittle shamble 2 for flautist: Rowena Jacobs Scratch performance, 9th November 2013, Leeds
Here are some choice snaps from that performance (thanks to Champion Up North).
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More shambles will follow...


*update!* Champion Up North have published an online review of Gracefool Collective's fundraiser, 'A Cause for Celebration'. Izzy Brittain writes,
I even saw something, the nature of which I don’t think I’ve ever seen before, Shambles by James Whittle and Rowena Jacobs. Music-theatre. What the hell is that? I didn’t know either, but I’ve always loved watching the body language of musicians – and in this case, the body language became the

‘shambles’ – new music-theatre series

shambles is a new series of music-theatre works I have begun making.…

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About 'this piece gets more magical...' The work is inspired Printing Out the Internet, ‘a crowdsourced project to literally print out the entire internet’, displayed in LABOR, Mexico City, 26th July to 30th August 2013. There is also a petition against Printing Out the Internet.
The title is taken from a Tweet by @ksheely on 14th July 2013, replying to @internetprint, who had quoted one critic’s remark:
  • I don’t want my future children to live in a world with no trees but with the printed-out internet.
My thanks to Kent Sheely for kindly allowing the use of his tweet as the title, and to Kenneth Goldsmith for giving permission to use material posted on the Printing Out the Internet website for my own submissions.

OPEN CALL for MUSIC/TEXT! #magicaleverytime

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