‘The New World Order’ broadcasts

This Sunday, Episode 1 of John Wakefield‘s adaptation of Ben Jeapes’ sci-fi novel, The New World Order, will be broadcast on University Radio York, 2-4pm. You can listen via online streaming live at www.ury.org.uk: find out more about the production at the Facebook event. Episode 2 will be broadcast the following Sunday, 18th November 2012.

**The play will not be available to listen to again after this broadcast – don’t miss it!**

Described by the author as ‘excellent’, the two-part radio drama imagines an alternate history to the English Civil War, where parliamentary struggles become embroiled with religious and racial tensions as a dormant alien race find their kin invading and manipulating events to their destructive, all-conquering purpose.

Several reviews of the drama have already been published:
Ben Jeapes, author of The New World Order
Elisabeth Shuker, The Yorker
Tom Bonnington, YorkVision
Ben Bason, independent reviewer for the URY Speech Team – Episode 1
Ben Bason, independent reviewer for the URY Speech Team – Episode 2

I completed the composition and recording of the 40 minutes of music that accompany the play over the summer of 2012; clips of the score are below. Huge thanks to all the musicians who contributed their musicianship, professionalism and patience during the recording process:

Flute – Natalie Carroll
Violins – Heather Baker, Jessica Conway, John Cummins, Sarah Goulding, Richard Powell, Sophie Simpson
Viola – Bella Clifford
Cellos – Frances Jones, Paul Sild
Piano – Paul Sild, James Whittle

Score composed, conducted and recorded by James Whittle.
(Audio also available on my Soundcloud page.)