this piece gets more magical every time
someone writes ill of it

lottery for pianist and page-turner

A crowd-sourced piece, open to anyone to submit and perform,
inspired by Printing Out the Internet.

How to submit
How to perform
Performance Log
Submissions Bank


How to submit

• Anyone can send in any number of digital scores.
• Submissions will be checked then added to an online bank for performers to download from.
• Before submitting, I recommend reading the score and watching the film:

1. Choose a kind of score to make:
Music score (any style, using “conventional” notation…)
Spoken Text (indicate how it should be spoken)
Text Score (instructions for actions which may/may not result in sound/spoken text)

Music may be of any sort, including your own composition.
There are no limits to what the Spoken Text and Text Scores can be.

2. Make your score
For Spoken Text and Text Scores, download a template:
PDFs: Text Score | Spoken Text
Word (.docx): Text Score | Spoken Text

• Make each score 1 white A4 single-sided page.
• Make each page anonymous (no composer names, dates etc.).
• Save each page as a separate file.
• Scores can be submitted as Word documents or PDFs.
• Label each file ‘music score’, ‘text score’ or ‘spoken text’.
• If sending multiple pages for 1 piece, or writing new material, remember that only 1 page will be ‘played’ at any one time. Your pages may not be performed every time. But it will be magical.

3. Email your score/s to magicaleverytime[at]gmail[dot]com
In the email, please tell me:
• your name
• where you are from
• the sources of the pages you are sending

How to perform

1. Read my instruction score: PDF download

2. Print scores from the Submissions Bank
• Print any number of any of the scores.
• Print single-sided on white A4 paper.
Email me if you want a combined PDF of all scores

3. Find a grand piano and another performer, and tell me about your performance!
• Keep in touch using #magicaleverytime on social media.
• If possible, please film or photograph your performance.

Performance Log

Next performance: Ian Pace & James Whittle, 6th May 2017

• Alex Wilson & Nicholas Peters
The Pound, Corsham, UK | 11th June 2016

• Hyun-Mook Lim & Kyung-Su Lim
Yangjae OST Hall, Seoul, South Korea | 4th January 2014

• Ian Pace & James Whittle
Late Music Concert Series ‘Frederic Rzewski at 75’ concert
York, UK | 3rd August 2013

Submissions Bank

Music scores
music score 001
music score 002
music score 003
music score 004
music score 005
music score 006
music score 007
music score 008
music score 009
music score 010
music score 011
music score 012
music score 013
music score 014
music score 015

Spoken Text
spoken text 001 [explicit]
spoken text 002
spoken text 003
spoken text 004
spoken text 005
spoken text 006
spoken text 007
spoken text 008
spoken text 009
spoken text 010
spoken text 011
spoken text 012
spoken text 013
spoken text 014
spoken text 015
spoken text 016
spoken text 017
spoken text 018 [explicit]
spoken text 019
spoken text 020
spoken text 021
spoken text 022
spoken text 023
spoken text 024
spoken text 025
spoken text 026
spoken text 027
spoken text 028
spoken text 029
spoken text 030
spoken text 031
spoken text 032
spoken text 033

Text scores
text score 001
text score 002
text score 003
text score 004
text score 005
text score 006
text score 007
text score 008
text score 009
text score 010
text score 011
text score 012
text score 013
text score 014
text score 015
text score 016
text score 017
text score 018
text score 019
text score 020
text score 021
text score 022
text score 023
text score 024
text score 025
text score 026
text score 027
text score 028
text score 029
text score 030
text score 031
text score 032
text score 033
text score 034
text score 035
text score 036
text score 037