The #magicaleverytime Call for Scores reopens

The Call for Scores that never closes is open once again!

this piece gets more magical every time someone writes ill of itthis piece gets more magical every time someone writes ill of it will be performed on 11th June 2016 by Alex Wilson and Nicholas Peters.

The piece is a lottery for pianist and page-turner, inspired by Kenneth Goldsmith’s Printing Out the Internet.

The performers print out as many submitted scores as they like, then in performance the page-turner selects scores for the pianist to play.

The performance could result in the fastest number of premieres ever – or just in Alex playing nursery rhymes over and over. Anyone can submit any amount of scores, so we’ll see…

Full details about the call are here. Submit your scores to:

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The concert, titled ‘All About the Piano’, takes place at The Pound, Corsham, where Nick is Composer in Residence. It features his new work With, plus music by Alvin Lucier, Emma Welton, John Lely and Gerald Barry. It looks to be a fantastic concert and I’m delighted Nick and Alex are including my piece.

Here’s a film of the premiere, performed by me and Ian Pace: