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shamble 1 for cellist: James Whittle shamble 2 for flautist: Rowena Jacobs Scratch performance, 9th November 2013, Leeds
Here are some choice snaps from that performance (thanks to Champion Up North).
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More shambles will follow...


*update!* Champion Up North have published an online review of Gracefool Collective's fundraiser, 'A Cause for Celebration'. Izzy Brittain writes,
I even saw something, the nature of which I don’t think I’ve ever seen before, Shambles by James Whittle and Rowena Jacobs. Music-theatre. What the hell is that? I didn’t know either, but I’ve always loved watching the body language of musicians – and in this case, the body language became the

‘shambles’ – new music-theatre series

shambles is a new series of music-theatre works I have begun making.…