in balneo canere (singing in the bath)

for SATB soli
June 2014; 4′


Quis te invitavit?
numquam tot mensuras vidi!
(nonne musica strepentior est?)
noli spectare, perturbat me…
heus, gemit! non gemere exspectatus est.
(nonne saepe numeratum est)
propera et fini! satis nunc!
licetne uno solo in balneo canere, sivis.
Quis te invitavit?

Who invited you?
I have never seen so many bars!
(This music’s a bit loud, isn’t it?)
Please don’t watch, it puts me off…
Hey, he’s groaning! He’s not suppose to groan.
(It gets a bit repetitive, doesn’t it)
Hurry up and finish! Enough already!
Can only one person sing in the bath, please.
Who invited you?

(Text assembled by the composer)

Workshopped by I Fagiolini, June 2014.