a series of theatre works for solo musicians
begun November 2013; no fixed durations

shamble 1 for cello: devised by James Whittle
shamble 2 for flute: devised by Rowena Jacobs

Each shamble is for a solo musician and their instrument.
More shambles will follow…

Premiere (shambles 1 and 2): Rowena Jacobs & James Whittle, Gracefool Collective fundraiser, 9th November 2013.
2nd performance (shamble 2): Rowena Jacobs, University of York recital, 5th December 2013.

shambles are devised by performers. The aim is to explore the physical absurdity of musical performance, and see how that absurdity manifests in sound. This could be done individually or in collaboration with a composer/director/choreographer. Multiple shambles can be combined.

I even saw something, the nature of which I don’t think I’ve ever seen before, Shambles by James Whittle and Rowena Jacobs. Music-theatre. What the hell is that? I didn’t know either, but I’ve always loved watching the body language of musicians – and in this case, the body language became the performance.
(Izzy Brittain, Champion Up North)