That’s Yer Lot!

site-specific, interactive theatre for dancers, musicians and rapper
April-May 2013; 45′

Premiere: Leeds Hackspace, 25th May 2013.
2nd performance: VANTAGE Arts Prize, Leeds, 27th June 2013.
3rd performance: Transform 14 Festival, Leeds, 30th March 2014.

We warmly invite you to attend the auction of the year! We have a fantastic range of items available, including fine art, antiques, and a wide range of our famous intangible objects… Buy now, pay later!

Collaboratively devised by James, Gracefool Collective and performance poet/rapper Raphael Attar, with University of York musicians.

That’s Yer Lot! is a site-specific, comedic piece based on an auction. Audience members are invited to bid on a variety of lots of intangible objects and desired experiences, such as True Love, Status and a Cup of Tea. Auctioneer Raphael Attar conducts the absurd proceedings, flanked by two bored, hapless, glamorous assistants, while a Barbershop Quartet of phone bidders provides instrumental interjections. The tone is absurdist and light-hearted, poking fun at our consumerist culture through 80s power ballads, frozen ready-meals and the National Anthem.

Photographs by Rebecca Holmberg and Sofia Edstrand of the dress run at VANTAGE Arts Prize, 27th June 2013.