The New World Order

theme and incidental music for radio drama
March-August 2012; 40′ across 2 x 2 hour-long episodes

Best Speech Programming Gold prizewinner
(Student Radio Awards 2013)

Episode 1 clips

Episode 2 clips

Broadcast premieres: University Radio York, 11th and 18th November 2012.

Novel by Ben Jeapes
Adapted, directed and produced by John Wakefield
Score composed and conducted by James Whittle, performed by University of York undergraduates.

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Student Radio Awards 2013 Judges comments:
• ‘The score and sfx really bring to life the drama and emotion of the story. Loved the battle scene in particular. This certainly does sound like a radio version of a Hollywood blockbuster.

• ‘This is obviously an ambitious and grand production, huge in scope… the music is compelling.

• ‘Strong acting and characters… The SFX and music are well connected and done very well.

• ‘High production values with original music, good performances and effects.

• ‘Technically very strong… Particularly good battle scene. Music – very impressive. Performances – very good.
an ambitious project really well carried out. Impressive.

• ‘Tremendously ambitious project, impressively realised. Music, effects and performances all of high standard, combined to powerful effect. It took me into a world both fantastic and horribly real, and held me throughout

• ‘Hugely ambitious and brilliantly done. Well written, performed and produced. A stand-out winner.

James Whittle’s score is again a resounding success, with the impeccable dramatic timing of instrumental stabs adding that extra cinematic element to the most appropriate of dramatic scenes. The music also provides the backdrop to some of the most emotional encounters, such as that of Daniel and his father at the end of the episode. Having been separated for almost the whole two hours of drama, the pair’s reunion is permeated with sparse strings that make the scene extremely touching.

(Ben Bason, independent URY review)

The New World Order recording session
August 2012, York