this piece gets more magical every time someone writes ill of it

lottery for pianist and page turner
July 2013; no fixed duration

Premiere: Ian Pace & James Whittle
Late Music Concerts Frederic Rzewski at 75, 3rd August 2013
Asian premiere: Hyun-Mook Lim & Kyung-Su Lim, Yangjae OST Hall, Seoul, South Korea, 4th January 2014
Subsequent performances:
Alex Wilson & Nicholas Peters, All About the Piano, The Pound Corsham, 11th June 2016
Ian Pace & James Whittle, Late Music Concert Series, 6th May 2017

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This piece is inspired by Kenneth Goldsmith’s work Printing Out the Internet, ‘a crowdsourced project to literally print out the entire internet’, displayed in LABOR, Mexico City, 26th July to 30th August 2013. It met this response.

The title is from a tweet by @ksheely on 14th July 2013, replying to @internetprint, who had quoted one critic’s remark:

I don’t want my future children to live in a world with no trees but with the printed-out internet.

My thanks to Kent Sheely for kindly allowing the use of his tweet as the title, and to Kenneth Goldsmith for giving me permission to use material from the Printing Out the Internet website.

pure music theatre, as his page-turner “unscrunched” music that Pace had thrown into the piano. There the merriment ended.
(Martin Dreyer, York Press – mistaken for Rzewski’s ‘Fantasy on Give Peace a Chance’.)