touch tales

for two performers and a cello
devised with Katharina Arnold
November 2014 – April 2015; 30′

Premiere: 26 February, NEWK @ Live Art Bistro, Leeds
2nd perf.: 3 March, Composers Seminar, University of York
3rd perf.: 3 April, Northern Art #3, Theatre Delicatessen, Sheffield
4th perf.: 9 April, SLAPyork (shortlisted for SLAPmoves prize), York Guildhall

If the cello had hands it would play itself. Since it has none, it has only one wish: to be played, to sound, to sing – to do what it is supposed to.

What makes touch loving, embracing, manipulative, neglecting, abusive? Does the cello want to be played? Is it used without its permission – does it provoke with its curves?

I know how to touch you, I know what you’ll sound like.
Tell me what you want. I’m listening.

Blurring the typical roles of dancer and musician, Touch Tales interweaves stories to examine different forms of touch and reflect on the consequences of actions.

A performance punctuated by audience participation, poignancy and a darker undercurrent of jealousy and desire: a must see.
Michelle Dee. Read the full review of SLAPyork here.
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