a drawing-down of blinds

for solo piano
May – September 2014; 14′

Commissioned by Alex Wilson for The Banks of Green Willow toured concert in aid of British Red Cross.

Premiere: 3rd October 2014, St Stephen’s Church, Bristol
Subsequent performances:
18th October 2014, The Mint Methodist Church, Exeter
12th November 2014, Chapter House, Gloucester Cathedral
27th February 2015, University of York
25th April 2015, Southwark Cathedral, ANZAC day concert

an incomprehensible look…it was more terrible that terror,
for it was a blindfold look, without expression

Even when the blinds are raised, the sudden rush of light reveals
how much is – and will remain – concealed, missing.

One does not fight with men against matériel,
it is with matériel served by men that one makes war.

The war goes on, silently, visibly.

When we have been there long enough,
we get up and leave, turn the page and move on.

(Wilfred Owen, Geoff Dyer, Henri Philippe Pétain, Dyer)

The Banks of Green Willow - concert tour poster